Medium Tank, Tier V
HP 685
Урон 110
Скорострельность 15/min
Скорость 40 km/h
Обзор 330 m

The T-34/85 Medium tank was an upgraded version of the T-34/76 which first made an appearance in 1941. The T-34/85 was armed with an 85mm gun and was protected by 90-100mm of armor all sloped to give maximum protection. It was introduced in 1943 when the T-43 (the tank that was going to replace the T-34) was cancelled. The T34/85 improved on a great number of things that plauged the T34/76. Most notably was the gun which had become ineffective but other improvements were a larger turret with a three man crew so the commander no longer had to perform firing duties and could focus on tactics, which greatly enhanced the performance of the tank, and it also improved the armor protection.

In gameEdit

The T-34/85 is the Russian tier V tank. The T-34/85 is a great tier 5 tank with it's great speed, maneuvrability, rate of fire, and damage per shot though it also has the lowest HP off all tier 5 tank's. Just like all Russian tanks in the game it has bad gun depresion too. It's main competitor is the Sherman Easy 8, as all tier 5 tank's it may be pitted up against tier 6-7 tank's against whom the T-34/85 stands a good chance (if played carefully), The T-34/85's great speed and maneuvrability make it a good flanking tank or allow to escape a situation were a tank such as the Tiger I would die trying to run away, Playing peekaboo in this tank can be a frustrating experience (just like in all russian tanks) as the slightest elevation of the tank can make you not have enough gun depression to hit a target. Against experimentals you can flank or dogfight them just never expose your sides or especially the rear to them. A T28, Maus or E100 may kill you in one shot if they get a rear shot so be mindful of where those tanks are at all times.