Churchill Mk III
Heavy Tank, Tier IV
HP 520
Урон 76
Скорострельность 19/min
Скорость 27 km/h
Обзор 330 m

The Churchill fit into the British infantry tank category. While some design were fast cruiser tanks the Churchill was designed with heavy armor to be able to slug it out with fortifications and provide fire support for the infantry. The Chruchill was designed with the lessons of WWI in mind where the British anticipated trench warefare and consiidered that the tanks would have to pass over rough terrain hence the designs long length. While this wasn't the case the Churchill was still one of the heaviest allied tanks of the war though it suffered from limited firepower due to a small turret ring incapable of mounting anything larger than a 75mm. The Mark III was the first main model to get rid of hull mounted cannons and had a 6lbr gun in a turret.

In Game Edit

This is the British tier IV tank. Like the KV-1 in its tier it is slow but powerful. The KV-1 has more health and firepower but the Churchill has a faster rate of fire so its damage per minute is almost even. It has more health and firepower than the Sherman and Mark IV though considerably less speed. The Churchill is a long tank making peekaboo more difficult so its best to bide your time and wait for a distracted enemy before popping out. Play support to higher tier tanks and avoid a dogfight with faster tanks though the Churchill can dogfight a KV-1 since it has better gun depression making moving over uneven terrain easier.