Cromwell IV
Medium Tank, Tier V
HP 695
Урон 104
Скорострельность 16/min
Скорость 43 km/h
Обзор 330 m
The Cromwell was one of the most successful British tanks of the second World War. It was the fastest British tank of the war being faster than it's suspension could handle so it had to be governed down to a slower, but still fast for its time, top speed of 51 KPH. It was armed with either the 75mm gun or the 6lbr. It couldn't go head to head with heavier German tanks but managed to outmaneuver them thanks to its high speed and manuverability.

In GameEdit

This is the tier V British tank. Like the Easy 8 it is very fast and manuverable able to dart across the battlefield and flank enemy teams. It's firepower is less than most other tanks in it's tier but it has a faster rate of fire to compensate. It can regularly be thrown in higher tier matches against experimentals where it should stick to flanking, dogfighting, or flag running. Even when it's top tier it excels as a dogfighter especially when going against a heavier tank like the Tiger I.