Tier VII Experimental
HP 1050
Урон 320
Скорострельность 8/min
Скорость 22 km/h
Обзор 330 m
A German super heavy tank designed as the largest of the E-series and only eclipsed by the Maus. The E-100 was to weigh over 100 tons and have extensive armor and firepower. Originally designed to have the same turret as the Maus with the same 128 mm gun there were plans to give it a 150 mm and ultimately a 170 mm main gun. A prototype hull was nearly completed by a team of only 3 men but super heavy tank plans were dropped in 1944 due to a shortage of raw materials so the E-100 existed mostly in blueprints.

In GameEdit

This is the tier VII German experimental tank. Compared to the Maus it is quicker but has less health, less firepower, and a much slower rate of fire. Compared to the KV-5 it has similar mobility and greater firepower but still a much lower rate of fire and less health. It is much heavier than the WWII tanks so can compare well against them just be sure to find some cover to hide during the long reload. This is an excellent peekaboo tank thanks to it's great firepower just try not to expose your sides if the enemy is facing you since you will lose the health war. It has a very bouncy front so try to always keep the enemy in front of you. Unlike the Maus this can actually be used in flanking runs cause it can get there before the battle is over. Your primary threat is the Maus so never stay out in the open against them. A T28 must always be flanked though you can dogfight them and if you get around them they are toast. It's best to play the sniper though with that firepower.