M4A1 Sherman
M4 Sherman
Medium Tank, Tier IV
HP 500
Урон 72
Скорострельность 20/min
Скорость 40 km/h
Обзор 330 m

The M4 Sherman was one of the most important allied tanks of World War II. It was used by nearly every allied nation. It wasn't the best tank on the battlefield in terms of protection and firepower but it had good mobility, was more mechanically reliable, and was far easier to mass produce compared to its German counterparts. Backed with the construction might of the US automobile industry close to 49,000 of these tanks were produced with probably close to a dozen variants. They were used in the Korean war, though those were mostly Easy 8 Shermans, and several countries upgraded them and continued to use them long after that (most notably Israel and it's M50/M51 Super Shermans).

In Game Edit

This is the American tier IV tank. In the hands of a good tanker this is a very effective tank. It has very good mobility, mid range HP but a weak gun. It can be used in any role from support to leading the assault and driven aggressively is a very good flanker. In matches it usually ends up middle tier with one to two tier V tanks and one to two tier III tanks. It should easily handle the lower tier tanks because they don't have any real advantage in mobility and against the higher tier tanks circling is very effective. Like most American tanks if it gets caught out in the open it will easily take a lot of damage. An effective tactic with this tank is to side scrape an enemy tank like the Tiger I and pull back and forth along its side dodging the turret. Your short gun has no problems shooting them whil their long gun has issues bouncing up as you pass plus the Sherman is fast enough that they need super reflexes to hit you. Driven aggressively this tank can be a joy to play.