Panzer IV
Medium Tank, Tier IV
HP 500
Урон 73
Скорострельность 20/min
Скорость 35 km/h
Обзор 330 m

The Panzer IV Asuf F2 was an upgraded model in response to the large number of Russian T-34 Medium Tanks that proved superior to earlier models. Armed with the longer Kwk L43 75mm anti tank gun it alowed the panzer IV the penetrate 77mm of armor at a range of 6,000 feet. The Panzer IV was the most heavily produced German tank of the war with around 9000 produced.

In Game Edit

This is the German tier IV tank. It is mid range on mobility, protection and firepower in its tier though it can be an exceptionally difficult target to hit due to its turrets profile. Against lower tiers you will have a big advantage in firepower and against higher tiers it should stick to the support role or possibly flanking.