Panzer VI B "King Tiger"
Tiger II
Heavy Tank, Tier VII
HP 990
Урон 220
Скорострельность 11/min
Скорость 30 km/h
Обзор 330 m

The King tiger was the successor of the Tiger 1. It had thick armor like the Tiger I that was sloped like the Panther making the effective thickness on the front 150mm. It was also given a longer more effective 88mm gun and with promise of upgrading to a 105mm gun. It was one of the the most heavily armored tanks on the battlefield equipped with one of the best anti tank guns of the war but fortunately for the allies only around 500 were produced. They also suffered from poor mobility due to its heavy weight. Like the Tiger I it could kill any tank it encountered on the battlefield while few tanks had the firepower to face them.

In Game Edit

This is the German tier VII tank also known as the brick on wheels. It is a pure beast on the battlefield with the heaviest armor and HP ov it's tier plus the mid range gun and fire rate. It has a very bouncy hull and shots to the front do very little damage. It does have the biggest profile in its tier which makes it a big target so working with other tanks is always the way to go but this one can definitely lead the charge. It has the least mobility in its tier so is vulnerable to flanking runs but it has a quicker turning turret than its counterparts. It is vulnerable in a close range dogfight due to its slow speed and turn rate though if it can face the enemy it will likely come out on top. WARNING this is a tank you don't want to mess with so be sure you know what you're doing at all costs because your moves may change the heat of battle. Experimentals are a serious threat since dogifghting them is difficult though possible. It is best to sit back and play the support sniper role when you're not the heaviset tank on the field. If you keep your front towards the enemy you can take some hits from even a Maus though exchanging blows is not a very good option. Best to hit them in the sides or rear when they are distracted.