Heavy Tank, Tier VI
HP 870
Урон 185
Скорострельность 11/min
Скорость 30 km/h
Обзор 330 m

Porche lost the proposal for the Tiger II to Henchel with their VK4501 (P) prototype however Porche was not done trying to improve the tank. After determining that simply adding armor to the original prototype wasn't enough to improve the tank Porche began development on what eventually culminated in 5 different designs ranging from rear mounted to front mounted hull configurations that were all placed under the VK4502 designation. The hulls were never manufactured but several turrets were made and placed on the first Tiger II's before a Henchel designed turret was used for the rest of production.

In GameEdit

This is the German experimental tier VI tank. It has a little more health and firepower than WWII tier VI tanks however it has a much lower top speed. The rear mounted turret can make peekaboo difficult so it's best to stick to the support role for your heavier tanks. The low top speed means you should never try to be out front cause getting out of trouble can pose difficult. Should be played as a weaker Tiger II.